Jeremy Paxton

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We are sad to announce that our father, Jeremy Paxton, died suddenly on Tuesday night after a heart attack caused by an undiscovered heart disease. Jeremy was 53 and had the biggest zest for life of anyone. He had achieved so much, personally and professionally, and had so much more to give. He was the biggest inspiration. Our whole family are deeply upset by his passing away and we know that many of you will, like us, have wonderful memories to treasure about Jeremy. His vision for sustainable living alongside wildlife in the countryside was incredible and he created something ground breaking and long-lasting at Lower Mill Estate, which will live on forever. His work in the wider community was also extensive, most recently raising huge amounts for charity by descending the Shard and helping the local fire service with plans to save lives using his helicopter.

Without any doubt, Jeremy would have wanted us all to carry on what he started – and we will be taking forward his vision and realising his ambition long into the future. He had amazing plans.

For now, I’m sure you will join us in remembering the huge impact that Jeremy made on our lives and in the community, and the fun he brought with it.